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Shabbat Shalom!

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  • Sherah

    Glory to Adonai! Shabbat Shalom!

    I love you my Blessed, Beautiful, Beloved Mommy!

  • Phyllis Thompson

    Shabbat Shalom, Sis Sherah, yes you truly demonstrate your love for Mom.

    Love, Sis Sherah

  • Angel Carroll

    Love you Mother thank you for allowing us to be apart via technology

  • Wanda Daughtry

    Shabbat Shalom Mom,

    I love you!

    Min. Wanda Daughtry

  • Felicia Smith

    Glory to Adonai. Monthly look great as Always.
    My screen looks so crispy clear on my tablet.

  • Shirley Gray

    Shabbat Shalom Prophet Apostle Emma Jean! I love you! Thank you for your love, loving leadership and loving provision. Thank you for finding a way…we follow you as you follow Yeshua…
    Yes, give us one more, Lord.

  • Shirley Gray

    Praise Adonai!

  • Felicia Smith


  • Sharlyn Anderson

    Glory to Adonai! Praise the LORD!

  • Angel Carroll

    Very powerful

  • Felicia Smith

    Glory to Adonai Mom I Hear it loud and clear awesome song and sound

  • Wanda Daughtry

    Praise Yeshua! Yes there is hope for our people through Yeshua! Thank you Mom, Adonai’s Prophet for showing the way to giving Adonai His dream and pleasure.

  • Shirley Gray

    Yes Mom…I see it. I can imagine! !!!

  • Charese John

    Glory to Adonai
    Shabbat Shalom, Mom
    I love you
    Sis Charese John

  • Sharlyn Anderson

    Glory to adonai!
    Heavily anointed. So powerful! I know so many will be blessed by it. This is what this generation needs to begin the turn their hearts back to Adonai.

  • Angel Carroll

    Yes Mother I can see it

  • Bolatito woodbury

    yes mother i can see and hear you. , I Love you Shabat Shaloma

  • Deacon Bonita Davis

    Adonai bless you, Mom! Anointed, awesome song!! It shall be healing and protection and covering over people. Yes indeed!
    My favorite part of the song is…”But I know there is hope for us, I know there is hope for my people…and hope for our country”.

    Thank you, Mom, for allowing us to hear this anointed song Adonai gave to you.

  • Felicia Smith

    Shabbat shalom!Glory to the most high.The song , prayer is extremely anointed. After you did the awesome prayer I thought I was going to hear your anointed vocals

  • Theresa Davis

    Shabbat Shalom Mom! The song is so heart stirring

  • Desiree Gray

    Adonai bless you Mom. Thank you for carrying this song in your heart for the young people for all these years. It has been beautifully elevated for the glory of Adonai

  • abenaa nkrumah

    shabbot shalom Mom

    This song is touching, soothing and healing……. I LOVE IT

    its timely in my life, Our children and young girls and young boys need help in all areas of their lives but more importantly with their EMOTIONS< THOUGHTS….

    Love You Sis abenaa

  • Bolatito woodbury

    Adonai bless you mom. This is Sis. Ebony The song is very inspiring and it reminds me to keep my head up during hard times. Thank you for allowing me to share

  • Charity and Gabrielle

    Adonai bless you this is Sis. Charity and Sis. Gabrielle. Thank you for allowing us to listen to the song. It was beautiful and we know many lives will be touched.

  • Robyn Harris Patterson

    Shabbat Shalom Mom,

    This rendition of ‘Peace in Our Streets’ is absolutely my favorite thus far! Each time I hear it, it brings me to tears especially now knowing how unmerciful the enemy is against our children! Everyone who hears it will surely be greatly impacted in a way only the Lord can do. Great job to all involved following your lead Mom!

    I love you with an everlasting love!

  • Terrence Shephard

    Glory to Adonai. This song is what is needed for this generation, so heart felt. it will soften harden hearts.

  • Andrea Hill

    Giving glory to Adonai. Mom I say yes and Amein to us having the song Peace in our streets being released. The song is a song of deliverance, specifically the verse that says and I know there is hope for us, I know there is hope for my people. Thank you Mom for sharing this. May it minister to the masses. Glory to Adonai. Love Sis Andrea Hill

  • Thudian Morgan

    Adonai Bless You Mom

    Thank you for Sharing this beautiful anointed song, this is what America and the World needs, I can see it ministering to the hearts of millions!
    I love you Mom

  • Felicia Smith

    Glory to Adonai the young people are so precious all of them something extra special aboutvcharity and Gabrielle .

  • Steven Eric Martin Jr

    Glory to Adonai!

    For as long as I can remember, this song was created to be one that ministers and brings peace, may it do just that! It is a great thing to have it on your heart Mom, to go and revamp the song, making it fresh, making it new. In Yeshua’s name, the song will be more impactful than ever before!

  • Bertha McBride

    Adonai Bless You Mother!

    The Peace in Our Streets song is very anointed! I believe it will be used by Adonai to impact so many lives! Thank you Mom!

  • Felicia Smith

    I love you Mom , being able to have services tecnology with Being able to hear and see you take it up so many levels of joy .I lovely you Mom.

  • Dinah Outten

    Giving Glory to Adonai, Mom the song is truly beautiful and anointed and yes it will have a very positive impact in the world turning hearts to Yeshua. Thank you for the opportunity to hear the deliverance song! I was touched, I Love You!

  • Bonnie Sharp

    Adonai bless you Mom,
    I thank you Mom for this awesome Sabbath Service, from beginning to now…the prophetic prayer song “Peace In Our Streets”
    I believe the song will bring deliverance to all who hear it!!

  • Shirley Gray

    A VIDEO!!!! YES, YES, YES! as Adonai would lead you Mom .

  • Imanuel m

    Adonai bless you Mom,
    I am looking very forward to purchasing this song on cd, too. I would like to give it to young black adult men and young children because I meet so many of them each day and they are looking for direction and to know that someone really cares for them this song will minister to their hearts and strengthen them and let them know that there can be peace in our streets. In Yeshua’s name.
    I love you
    Sister Teresa M

  • Deacon Bonita Davis

    Adonai bless you, Prophet Apostle Emma Jean,

    A video, as you mentioned, Mom, to accompany the song would be powerful!

  • Pat Bullock

    Adonai bless you, Mom!

    This song touched the core of my heart. It is truly a song of deliverance and Healing. I’m so grateful to you for allowing us to hear this song. I see this song as a catalyst to the making of a movie or perhaps a musical–listening to the song gave me a feeling of hope and I say, yes, it’s time.

    I love and appreciate you for all that you do for the glory of Adonai.
    Sis. Pat B.

  • Despina

    Glory to lAdonai! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I imagine the giant hand of Adonai holding back the flood of things the enemy had planned. I imagine a mother who has lost a child at the kitchen sink doing dishes with the song playing in the background and she pauses as she is touched by the song . She through her tears begins to chime in in song and in prayer. Mom you said our mouth is our mercy. As the nations would sing this song, the mercy of Adonai is extended.


  • pam grimmett

    Adonai bless you Mom! I give glory to Adonai! I honor you Mom. I am just able to sign on a I had to work today! I missed the song but I know it blessed and will be a blessing to the ears and hearts of all those who will hear.

  • Jarmol Smith

    Adonai Bless You Mom

    The song is powerful! Very strong and is really speaking to the world of today. It will bless many lives. Be encouraged mom!

  • Jamal Emiabata

    Shabbat Shalom Mom! Love you and the blessed song you allowed us to hear. I’m so glad I am still able to see you!!!!

  • dorothyclee

    Adonai bless you, Mother ~ This beautiful Prophetic Song is for this time to be used to stand against the plans of the enemy. I agree with Bro. Larry’s & the other Malachi 3:16. Thank you for being allowed to be a part of the Worship Service on The Lord’s Sabbath. Also, I get to see your beautiful, unique, wonderful self … more than ever, I’m so glad there is you ~!~

  • Cheryl John

    Glory to Adonai. Shabbat Shalom. Excellent, Thank you for sharing this anointed song. Love you.

  • Beverly Adamson

    Glory to Adonai God Most High
    The song is echoing intercession in the earth and the heart of Adoani for the land.
    Thank you!!! We love you Mom, Bro Johnny & Min Beverly

  • Charles Harris Sr.

    Adonai Bless You Prophet Mom. I thank you for allowing me, and I’m also grateful to Adonai for being allowed to be apart of the recording process. The experience was and is truly a blessing. I look forward to helping, if allowed, with making sure that the song is ready o be released.
    To Adonai be all the Glory for everything that the song will do….People need to hear the anointed song all across the world. Adonai’s timing is truly perfect.

  • Toni Richardson

    Adonai bless you Mom. Shabbat Shalom!
    Thank you Mom for sharing the song peace in our streets. It was calming and peaceful to me. The song is very anointed. I really love this version. Hearing your voice on the conclusion part reading the scriptures was also healing and calming and very touching.
    I can see people being touched and healed.
    To Adonai be all the glory for using this song to bring healing to people and protecting our young people.
    Looking forward to be able to share with other the song peace in our streets.
    Praise Adonai for using you Mom, media and music ministry.
    I love you Mom!

  • Felicia Smith

    Glory to Adonai ! I can see another major joint venture like Quincy Jones and Michael Jackson were able to get a number of celebrities to come together to raise funds world wide for our charity Peace in Our Street Campaign. They Wil have the experience of a lifetime to work with professionals on your anointed levels and anointed so get a, including your vocals Mom. I love you Mom.

  • Felicia Smith

    Glory to Adonai, We are the World was record breaking, Yet I believe Bleeding in our streets will be Record SHATTERING FOR THE GLORY OF ADONAI AND HONORING TO YOU MOM.

  • Malachi Talley

    Giving glory to Adonai
    This is Bro.Malachi, I was greatly encouraged by the song Peace in Our Steets. I know this song would be a blessing to my family who don’t know Yeshua.

  • celestine Lewis

    Adonai bless you, Glory to Adonai!!! Mom I thank you for the opportunity to be a part of the recording of Bleeding in our streets, This is song is truly a prayer song of intercession, It states the problem and also states the the solution. It was truly an honor to have there with us gracing us wit your presence during the first recording. While I sang there was such a stiring in my heart and in my gut especially on the part when we sang “I know there is hope for us”. It was truly anointed hearing the final version, Praise Adonai!!!

  • Joann Ramseur

    ADONAI bless you, Mother,

    My spirit says YES! YES! YES!

    Truly this song is anointed for such a time as this.

    Praise our Lord Yeshua for His love and care for His highest creation and the blessing of being allowed to follow you His Prophet, you Mother, in helping to manifest His will
    for these end times.

    I love, honor and appreciate you so very much!

    Thank you.

  • Steven Eric Martin Jr

    Adonai Bless You!

    P.S. I really love the old school feel of the song…

  • Angel Carroll

    Adonai bless you Mother,

    Thank you for allowing bleeding in the streets to be played again, I thank Adonai for is song, I pray that it will touch so many and cause them to turn there heart back to Adonai. We will regain the arts back for Adonai glory and I am so thankful to Adonai for the healing coming from bleeding in our streets.

    Love you Mother and Praying your strength.

  • Sharlyn Anderson

    Shabbat Shalom Mom! I love you!

  • Sis. Lyneal

    Adonai bless you Mom! Shabbat Shalom! Thank you for allowing us hear this anointed song a second time.


    Sis. Lyneal

  • Pam Grimmett

    Adonai bless you Mom! I am so grateful that you allowed this anointed prayer song to be played again. The anointing is truly great on this song and to hear your voice in prayer for our people is truly what is needed. I love you Mom!

  • Tawanda Fowler

    Adonai bless you Mom Shabbat shalom the song is beautiful it will bring healing to the people it is so needed now I love yo+u

  • Edna Reynolds

    Adonai bless you Mother. The song was wonderful. It reveals what has been and is still happening in our streets. Your prayer at the end of the song made it extra special.

  • Bonnie Sharp

    Amein, I agree!!!